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Photo by Jiri Seda

Katarina is a Serbian-born English-speaking comedian based in Barcelona, Spain.

Before arriving to Barcelona in January 2022, she was performing regularly in Prague, Czech Republic since 2016.  While in Prague, she confirmed her position as one of the known names in the emerging comedy scene; regularly headlining at showcases all over the city as well as doing guest performances internationally.

She has so far performed in seven different countries all over Europe and has her own hour called "Crazy Serbian" which she successfully performed on several occasions.

She has traveled far and wide to develop her sharp observational comedy style and her skilful storytelling hilariously portray the life of a confused millennial who is trying to find her way in the modern world. 

She has seen it all, and it all can be funny, often hilarious.




22 March|URANUS COMEDY@SPACE COWBOY|Barcelona 20:30
25 march|Comedy Bombshelter@Comedy Clubhouse|Barcelona 22:00
28 march| Funky Chunky Mic@Comedy Clubhouse|Barcelona 21:00
30 March|Midweek Comedy Crisis@Comedy Clubhouse|Barcelona 22:00
31 march|shut up, bitch@Macabra bar|Barcelona 20:30

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